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SSG Structural Engineers
Rachel Efron EP Packaging
Music Fest
Good Medicine Elixir IPA
Water Systems Consulting
Cigar City Marketing
Franchise Work
The Meltzer Group
Yoakum General Store
Quincy Jones – Apollo 11
International Surfing Magazine Ads
Joe Koenig – Album Art
Apparel Design
Patriot Sport Fishing
MX Track Builders
Oso Libre Carnal Illustration & Label
Peacock Cellars Bombshell Syrah
Almesa Winery
Paso Air Tours
Beat the Streets Los Angeles
Kerron Clement
Fine Print Films
Various Music Posters
Michelle Hamilton Acupuncture
The Technological Breakthrough

I've worked with Joe on over ten different projects now and he's as good today as he was day one. By far the best thing about him is if he says he's going to get something done he will. Anyone that's worked in this industry knows that it's plagued with people that flake or over-promise and under-deliver, Joe is most certainly NOT one of these people. His integrity and work ethic are hard to match. If you hire Joe for something you probably won't want to work with anyone else in the future.

- Alan Puccinelli - Founder at Operation Shields Up!

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